Saturday, December 25, 2010

TiMe To LoVe!!!

can`t stop we wont stop
yeah you know we don`t stop
i just want u back

good person,
you`re the person to love me
the person who taught me to love

never forget u, i`ll remember u
i`ll remember only u

perhaps i might see u
so i wore the clothes you bought me
i cut the hair short the way u like it

to walk the road,i walk with u
i went round the long way
thinking maybe u`d be there
i`ll stil have the same phone 6ber
my house is stil the same
in case u come and find me

on my mini hompy,
i have the songs we listened together
thinking maybe you`ll look
and you`ll come back again

we still havent forgotten
we still want each other
we still in love
honestly i miss u
i miss u like crazy
i`ll wait for u till the end

as the rain pours down
the memories of our first date come
i feel so PATHETIC
you stil have placed my heart

i wipe my tears,
while looking at myself in the  mirror
hoping that u will never ask 4 break at me....
and i wanna say

i love u syafiqah nabilah!!!