Wednesday, December 22, 2010

*-~*-~* StRaWbErRy KiSs!!!*-~*-~*

let me,
one,or two,start wanting more
when i see u i want more often,
i even wan your dorky side
again we fight and bicker,
then laugh 4 no reason.
i want to do everything with u
call on me now
it doesn`t have to be a big deal
i just wanna see u like how others do
call on me now
i always want to make tomorrow feel like a miracle,
just tasty love...
everything looks brand new
just tasty love
let me,
little by little our love grows
when i see u,
things i want to do with u together grows..
i even want for your confused self
again we look each other when we play
again we look each other while walking home
i want to do everything with u
call on me now
living in a dream
just u and me
flirty cutie sexy baby what me crazy
i know love me
time to receive  strawberry kiss
better than the movie
sweeter than candies always....

special tagto:syafiqah nabilah...(my sweetheart)